Brush and Land Clearing And Dozer Service
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Welcome to Bar S Brush Clearing and Dozer Service
Bar S Brush and land clearing can take care of all your land clearing needs to help you take back your land. We have a bradco MM60 mulcher which disturbs the ground minimally to clear land by turning trees into mulch which is great for someone who doesnt want to  burn piles of brush after the job is done. Also  use a 14" tree shear that cuts trees at ground level and has a sprayer to spray the stump after it has been cut with remedy to help keep the tree from coming back such as mequites and cedar trees.  We also have a  Grubber for smaller trees up to about 3" diameter base and even larger for cedar trees, We offer Dozer or Excavator work clearing land and cleaning out stock tanks. Will give estimates for smaller  jobs other wise charge by machine hour. At Bar S Brush Clearing we’ll give you the attention and personal service you deserve. Bar S Brush Clearing is located just south of Abilene Texas work in Taylor and surrounding counties. 

Call Patrick  at (325) 370-6904